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It all began in early 2023 as a group of industry professionals started seeing widespread concerns in the writing community over the potential implications of AI-generated books and content. We asked ourselves three important questions.

1. What could we create to assist readers - who were interested in supporting authors writing with their original voices - to make informed decisions about what books they'd like to purchase and read?

2. How would AI-generated content impact visibility within an ever-increasing sea of books and long term security for authors?

3. How would authors using their original voices to produce their content be able to stand out against those choosing to have their stories written for them with AI software?

Suddenly the answer seemed so simple. One idea. Take a stand, and create a symbol for which readers could easily distinguish and identify authors using their original voices, from that of AI-generated content. Thus, The Authenticity Initiative was born.

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The Authenticity Initiative pledges to provide a catalogue of authors of any genre a platform to boost their original voices, a community of support for visibility and security, and a symbol to showcase the collective stance against the use of AI-generated content. 

What we will provide readers:

An easily identifiable seal to look for when purchasing books

A curated catalogue of authors pledging not to use AI-generated stories for publications

Future newsletters that feature our catalogue of authors and their literary works
(Visit our "FOR READERS" tab for more information)


What we will provide authors:

A collective space to take a stand

A seal that represents your promise to readers for all your literary works

Additional visibility, security within an ever-changing market, and resources to assist in accomplishing your goals.

Future promotional opportunities and updates

(Visit our "FOR AUTHORS" tab for more information)


The Authenticity Initiative is a community driven effort. The authors within our catalogue and the licensed use our seal is representative of each individual author's pledge not to use AI-generated content within their books and publications. The Authenticity Initiative is in no way responsible for any violations or claims made against any author listed within our catalogue. This community effort is about trust, visibility, and taking a stand together against AI-generated content. We provide the platform and resources, authors provide their promise. Should you have questions about the authors within our catalogue, fill out the form below to contact our audit team directly.

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After working within the romance community for close to a decade, I've had the opportunity to wear many hats with regard to publishing, marketing, ongoing brand development, support, and business security. My desire to create a space for authors to stand together and provide a symbol readers can trust to make informed reading decisions, is the driving force behind The Authenticity Initiative. It is my sincerest hope that this community will provide readers and authors with an added sense of security the AI-generated era has taken away.

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